BANK LOOKING FOR A THIRD PARTY BUSINESS ASSESSMENT? Legacy Consulting Offers Turnaround Advisory Services

Many factors external to a business can have a detrimental impact on the bottom line.  Legacy is a cross-functional team of professionals with vast expertise in managing through severe downturns in highly cyclical industries.  Having been on both sides of the table, we are sensitive to the delicate relationship between the bank and its clients.  Our experience makes us with well positioned to understand the business drivers and market dynamics necessary to develop a comprehensive analysis of turnaround plans and financial projections.  We can rapidly analyze cost and overhead necessary to outline structural changes and opportunities for greater profit attainment, and present viable solutions, near-term visibility, and an understanding of the current liquidity position.  This rapid analysis goes far deeper than right-sizing, it takes a cross functional view of the organization and identifies operational problems as well as inefficiencies that can unlock value. It is an in depth review of overhead structure to identify changes that will reduce cost and maximize cash flow in the near term, helping stabilize the business.  We will then work to develop a long-term strategy that may include facility consolidation, product line divestiture and a focus on new growth opportunities.  Longer term assistance with debt restructure solutions will help obtain the appropriate capital structure based on the new realities of the business.

Legacy Consulting, LLC has the passion and experience necessary to provide the support necessary to get the business off the ground in an efficient and cost effective manner.  With over 20 years’ experience in financial services and industry, coupled with a network of experts in their respective fields, Legacy consulting can be the single greatest factor contributing to the renewed success of the business. Visit for more detail on our Turnaround Advisory Services.

Legacy Consulting, LLC is a Connecticut based consulting firm founded by Christopher Abbamonte for the purpose of helping entrepreneurs of small and mid-size businesses through their financial journey from business startup, to strategic planning, growth financing, and turnaround management all with an eye towards the ultimate goal of maximizing value through an exit strategy.  Legacy provides a one-stop, long-term partnership with its clients, with additional services including legal contract review, patent search and analysis, and Web Research Services.


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